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Coaches and Staff

Varsity Head Coach: Mike Runyon

 Mike wrestled at BHSS from 1987-1990. As a freshman, junior, and senior, Mike placed 3rd in the ISHAA State Finals. (He did not compete in his sophomore year due to an injury.) Mike’s high school record was 105-5. He began wrestling for Coach Royce Deckard as a 5-year-old with the Bi-County Wrestling Club. He was an assistant couch under Royce for 12 years. Mike earned the Assistant Coach Award from the Wrestling Hall of Fame and was named the 2015 ISWA Junior Coach of the Year. This is his 4th year as head coach at BHSS.

Assistant Coach: Royce Deckard

Coach Deckard wrestled at Bloomington High School and Indiana University. He was the head coach at BHSS for 14 years. His coaching history includes 5 years as head coach at Lawrence North High School, 11 years as an assistant coach at Lawrence North High School, 4 years as head coach at Binford Middle School, 8 years as head coach of Bicounty Wrestling Club, and 17 years as head coach of the Lawrence North Wrestling Club. Coach Deckard was inducted into the IHSWCA hall of fame in 2004 as a Hall of Fame coach. In 2005, Coach Deckard was presented with the John Hurrle Award from the IHSWCA. In 2008 he was appointed "Distinguished Hoosier" by Governor Mitch Daniels.

Assistant Coach: Tyler Goble

Tyler wrestled for BHSS four years. He was a 4x Sectional and Regional champ, 3x Semi-State champ, 3x state placer, 2x Conference Indiana champ, with a high school record of 178-16. Tyler wrestled for Rose Hulman where he was a 1x conference champ, 2008-09 National Qualifier, Conference Wrestler of the Year and Academic All-American. Career Record holder 111-37. Tyler was also a 3x ISWA Freestyle State champ and 3x ISWA Folkstyle State Camp. This is Tyler’s eight year as an assistant coach.

Assistant Coach/Womens Coach: Donnie Hillenburg

Donald is a BHSS alumni and wrestled for BHSS, Batchelor Middle school and the Monroe county wrestling club. He coached for two years at Batchelor and is in his fourth year coaching at BHSS.

Elementary Dual Team Coach: Adam Pratt

Coaching History

Harold e. Mumby 1925-1942 & 1945  (10 State Championship Teams)

Clifford “2-Bit” Myers 1943-1963 (8 State Championship Teams)

Kay Hutsell 1964-1982 (6 State Championship Teams)

Bill Finley 1983-1985

Phil Smith 1986-1989

Paul Farmer 1990-1994

Brady Harrison 1995

Matt Fallon 1996-1997

Jacob Young 1998-1999

Royce Deckard 1999-2013

Mike Runyon 2013-Present